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‘The Architecture of a building is its first and major attraction’. Architecture used to be the only service being offered by Space Caliber ltd by our team of architects. Our architectural service includes Design and Supervision; this we call consultancy services.

Every building type has its own peculiar character and we always ensure our case studies are adequate to deliver what is expected of the particular design job we are invited for.

Interior Design

‘The Architecture of a building is its first and major attraction’ but the ‘Interior design is the character of the building that keeps you wanting more’. Our love for art and nature has made it inevitable getting into interior design. This is where our team of professionals express themselves to the highest level possible, depending on the capacity of the client’s resources.

With the strength of our partnerships both national and foreign, we are able to cover major interior design types which include – Residential, Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Interiors.

Building Construction

The construction industry is very enticing; the joy of designing and erecting our creation has led us into the industry. With our team of engineers, surveyors, builders all over Nigeria, it has made construction in whatever state in the country we are called into possible for us.
We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest building materials and installation techniques in order to keep up with the fast growing pace of technology.

Furniture making

Our detailed interior design work has led us specially making our own furniture by ourselves. With the help of our in-house interior designers who are also furniture designers and our 3d model specialists, it has been possible to conceptualize our furniture scheme, dimension and detail and then manufacture to the last letter according to the drawing.

Our healthy partnership with our furniture fabricators has led to us designing special furniture for them while they manufacture ours for us. We try to keep our designs as clean and as simple as possible.