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Space Calibre Ltd is a Lagos Design and Build firm registered with an RC no- 796642 and has been in existence since August 2005. Our specialties are in the area of Architecture, Interior Design and training, Project management, Building Construction and Furniture making.

We are located office is at 101 Ogudu Road, Ogudu G.R.A, Ojota, Lagos, Nigeria and is currently headed by Arc. Gene Edochie the Principal Partner.

Our mission is to serve every class of clients competently and exercise unprejudiced professional judgment in our design and construction, on their behalf. What we mean is that the low, mid and high class all deserve the same detailed attention to their available resources.

As designers of the built environment, Space Calibre appreciates the necessity of unique and uplifting spaces, harmony between natural and man made fixtures, environmental sensitivity and civic responsibility.

Whether we are working with a limited or unlimited budget, our goal remains the unwavering production of awe inspiring works that make us proud and leave our clients totally perplexed.

Our style

The uniqueness of our designs enables it stand out amongst others while possessing the originally intended aesthetic appeal. We call this the ‘wow factor’. With the principles of design at our finger tips, our creations never lack the intended visual appeal they deserve.

We always strive to design a building as a whole, with special considerations to its interior composition, meeting the demands of the end users.

Core Values

Our core values lie in satisfying our clients without necessarily jeopardizing our own interest. A successful design is one that meets the needs of the client, the end users and yet is environmentally compliant.

We do not encourage wastage of any kind and this explains why we put every single bit of our clients’ resources into proper use.
Above all things we always stick to one of our most reliable codes of ethics; ‘we don’t promise what we can’t give’.